About the Tycoons

Learn about the tycoons- change-makers, award winners, visionaries. Glenn and Kate have been breaking barriers and exceeding expectations for over 35 years, with their trademark brand of business ethos. 

The Tattooed Tycoons

With a demonstrated history of success and a plan for the future, working with Glenn and Kate is the best move your can make for your company. 

Joint Corp Standing

The TT vision

What do you want to be remembered for? Operating day to day? working yourself to the bone over your business? You deserve a break. We’re the visionaries who can help you make that happen. Our vision is to help businesses realise their potential through optimising their management and production to turn their goals into their reality.

What's the catch?

We’re promising you a lot here- seems too good to be true, right? Let’s get real for a moment. We can’t create something that isn’t there, and nothing comes easy. What we’re offering is a realistic game plan to create your success, with real steps, real effort, and real results.

Meet Glenn Flashman

So, who is Glenn Flashman? Commonly known as “The Tattooed Tycoon,” Glenn is the current UK CEO of the Year, having helped over 320 businesses achieve a turnover of at least £1M.

He started life in the British Army, and then worked hard in the City of London as a Project Manager and Investment Advisor eventually rising to COO of a predominant dotcom.

20 years later and with several businesses, failed, sold and still owned, he is a bit of an interloper in both the business and tattoo worlds, owning or having interests in multi-award winning tattoo studios across the UK.

Being the visionary at Tattooed Tycoon Ltd, allows him and his team of revolutionaries to break ground with dynamic business mentoring programmes that are disrupting markets across multiple sectors.

He currently works with businesses and individuals around the globe, providing his clients with dynamic, practical, and proven strategies across multiple systems such as sales and revenue generation, internal and external change management, financial strategy, business acquisition, and how to ready your business for exit, as well as his favourite subject, how to scale your business.

Working with the Tattooed Tycoon means gaining access to Glenn’s wealth of business experience, helping you take your business to the next level!

Meet Kate Keys

Kate Keys is the Media Director at TT Media. She and the team cover all things Media and Marketing, including Branding, Social Media Management, ContentCreation, Online and Offline Marketing, Video Production, and Special Projects.

Having lived in the USA for 10 years, Kate has managed clients both Stateside and in the UK, where she currently resides. Her team is all about the serve – delivering expertise, value, and quality.

Specialising in alternative brands, Kate enjoys working with tattoo studios, salons, venues, eCommerce and other disruptive brands, however, she and her team are experienced and skilled in all styles and types of business. Kate is your point-of-contact when working with TT Media, facilitating communication between clients and her team and making sure expectations and deadlines are met.

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