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We run all of our projects in-house meaning that speed of implementation and efficiency can be monitored closely and guaranteed to a very high standard allowing for you, the client, to have a full seamless view of your project across the board.


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First Impressions Count

Think of your branding as your business’ first impression- important, and easy to bungle. Our services ensure that your branding sends the right message, right off the bat. TT Media will help you develop a clear message, unique voice, defined ethics and values, unforgettable logo, fitting aesthetics, and a strategic guideline to better communicate your brand to your target audience.

All areas of our business are run in-house by a highly skilled team meaning that almost every scenario can be dynamically identified, tested and changed to get the optimum desired result. We have the best people in the business and a team ethos built on the principles of the Tattooed Tycoons military, creative and commercial experience.

Online and Offline Marketing


Market to Greatness

From an Instagram growth campaign to print advertising, and everything in between, we know how to best tackle both your online and traditional marketing. Our services include market research, placement, marketing strategy, high-quality and targeted messaging, effective advertising, and performance analysis, maximising the value and ROI of your marketing budget.

Social Media Management


Find your Customers

Social Media can do amazing things for your business, from finding clients to making sure you stay on their minds and keep them up to date. A great social media strategy implementation takes time, something that we know is already in short supply for entrepreneurs like yourself. We take the labour off of your shoulders so you can get back to what you do best- running your business! With post scheduling, engagement through comments and messages, strategy development, analysis of social channels, audience growth and platform maintenance, the highly skilled team at TT Media will take care of your business’ virtual storefront.

Our Social Media Services Include:


Video Production

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Pre, during and post-production

With visual-content consumption booming, video is not a feature you want to overlook. TT Media is the one-stop shop for professional content, content strategy, video production, post-production editing, video optimisation, content placement, and cross post planning.
Our Video Production examples include:

Content Creation


Creating your story

Dynamic and engaging content is the first step to a successful online presence. We know how to take your story, message, ethics, values, and offering, and deliver them to your ideal customer through attention-grabbing graphics, compelling content copy, and targeted hashtags, all while keeping your branding consistent and your message clear.

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