How to Run a Kick Ass Tattoo Studio Book


The Blueprint book is available for £10, including next day delivery, and it will be hand-signed by the Tattooed Tycoon himself, Glenn Flashman.

Quite simply, this book will give you a quick, no-nonsense blueprint to run your own kick ass tattoo studio. The strategies are equally well placed and can be applied to any business to make sure you survive in these changing times.

Written in a style that gives you actual practical ideas and advice, that, when followed, will not only add huge amounts of value to your business, but also add hard cash into your bank account. It will focus you on your business and the step-by-step guide will get you to think about who your customers are, what is your brand message, how do you deliver that message and are your internal processes robust enough to survive. Some proven “quick fixes” using “bottom-up” change will have you racing for a pen to start turning these ideas into reality. An ideal book for any seasoned studio owner, newbie, artist, apprentice, or anyone with an interest in this fascinating industry.


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