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As no two clients are ever the same, the services that we offer under both of our “TT Revolution” and “TT Media” divisions are always bespoke and can be mixed and matched to give our clients a truly unique package, tailored to their individual needs.


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Our Pain, Your Gain

We offer mentoring services because we know how to help you succeed. Our wide knowledge and in depth experience allows us to offer mentoring services no matter your industry, size or stage. Following a deep dive on the state of your business and an analysis of your goals, we work along side you through conception, implementation and maintenance, making sure you stay accountable to the process at all points. Mentoring is done personally by our Founder and CEO Glenn Flashman, who will directly and personally assist in your business growth. There is also a chance for him to sit as a Non-Executive Director on the board moving forward, should you require long term assistance and micro auditing of your business.

Sales, Revenue & Business Development


Your Bullet Proof Strategy

Business strategy is an evolving cornerstone of your company- without vision, businesses stagnate. We offer our services to ensure you’ve got a kickass strategy to take your company to the next level. Using our unique process, we help you identify, nurture and acquire new clients and business opportunities to drive growth and profitability. The first step to doing this is to really understand your business, its products, services, revenue model and distribution channels. Once we have this full picture, we can start to craft a bullet-proof strategy. 

Strategic Planning


Our strategic planning strategy is based on the company’s ability to scale, whether it be in a financial or business strategy context. We offer an honest version of the business that best describes a company’s ability to grow without being hampered by its structure or available resources when faced with increased production or sales.  We don’t beat around the bush with esoteric promises or unrealistic goals. We offer clear, deliverable, manageable action steps that take your business to the next level. We’re confident that our experience and industry success can turn your potential into your reality. 

Change Management


Grow Through Your Evolution

We define change management as the methods and manners in which a company describes and implements change within both its internal and external processes. The process of creating a fully integrated plan includes preparing and supporting all stakeholders, establishing the necessary steps for change, and monitoring pre- and post-change activities to ensure successful implementation, all of which are planned right from the get-go. Change management drives the successful adoption of change within your business. It allows your employees to understand and commit to the shift and work effectively during it. Without effective change management, company transitions can be rocky and expensive. We make sure that your business can not only cope, but thrive through its evolution.

Technology Solutions


Keep Up or Fall Behind

To put it simply, technology solutions describe all technology that helps an organisation run its business and operational processes. In this day and age, we don’t need to tell you why technology is a key part of any modern business- if you’re not keeping up with industry development and innovation, you’re being left behind.  Our usual approach as a start point is with a full technology audit followed by a deeper dive into its touch points both internally and externally focusing on bottlenecks and capacity planning. We’ll tell you what you need, why you need it, and how to use it. This not only saves you money and time, figuring out which tech you need, but gives you a shortcut to success by leveraging our knowledge and experience for your gain. 

Financial Strategy

Joint Corp WTF

Spend to Win

Financial strategy is key to ensure adequate and regular supply of funds fulfilling the present and future requirements of the your business enterprise. We feel that the corporate financial strategy is a way to complement the overall business strategy and to ultimately get the most long-term value out of a company. We look at this on an individual basis and advise how best you can raise capital, merge or /and acquire, sensible debt management right through to preparing your business for an exit. We have key contacts within asset finance, debt management, investors and alike to help us find you the right financial solution.

Meet Glenn Flashman

So, who is Glenn Flashman? Commonly known as “The Tattooed Tycoon,” Glenn is the current UK CEO of the Year, having helped over 320 businesses achieve a turnover of at least £1M.

He started life in the British Army, and then worked hard in the City of London as a Project Manager and Investment Advisor eventually rising to COO of a predominant dotcom.

20 years later and with several businesses, failed, sold and still owned, he is a bit of an interloper in both the business and tattoo worlds, owning or having interests in multi-award winning tattoo studios across the UK.

Being the visionary at Tattooed Tycoon Ltd, allows him and his team of revolutionaries to break ground with dynamic business mentoring programmes that are disrupting markets across multiple sectors.

He currently works with businesses and individuals around the globe, providing his clients with dynamic, practical, and proven strategies across multiple systems such as sales and revenue generation, internal and external change management, financial strategy, business acquisition, and how to ready your business for exit, as well as his favourite subject, how to scale your business.

Working with the Tattooed Tycoon means gaining access to Glenn’s wealth of business experience, helping you take your business to the next level!

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